PDF or Portable Document Format is the universal language for document shares. It’s a file type that allows graphic data like fonts, images and layouts to be flattened as-is and shared independently of all software and hardware brands, so that your important work can’t get mucked up during the export / import process.

It also means your work can’t be edited, which means design iterations are difficult and require lengthy re-drawing. Concepts allows you to create, import, mark up, rearrange, substitute and export crystal clear PDF pages. Available in the Pro Shop either a-la-carte or as part of subscription, it has a lot of power but is simple to use.



从邮件导入PDF: 1. 将PDF文件下载到当前设备; 2. 长按引出分享; 3. 点击概念画板图标。

Importing a PDF from Files: 1 - Tap Select in the upper corner and select your PDF. 2 - Tap Share in the lower corner to bring up Sharing locations. 3. Select the Concepts icon and accept the import.


With a multi-page PDF, you’ll see a scrollable selection of pages appear at the side of the screen. You can drag these pages onto your canvas and position them exactly as you would an image, object or other selection.

Your PDF will import to scale onto your canvas. A PDF has a “real world” size based on a standard 72dpi. When Concepts imports the PDF, it respects that size - for example, a PDF that is US Letter size will be shown as 8.5 by 11.0 inches on your canvas. If you enable measurements, the imported document will match the measurements displayed in Concepts.



  • 使用一只手指或压感笔将一页PDF拖到画布上。
  • 点击可将PDF页面固定到画布上
  • 长按PDF页面能选中它,然后可四处移动。选取功能在PDF上都可使用,另外PDF还有导出时透明选项。
  • 想要将多页PDF页面展示列从绘画区域移除(隐藏),只需手指轻轻向屏幕边缘滑一下即可。
  • 需要找回的时候,在画布上长按选中任意一张PDF,您会发现选择弹出菜单中多出一个漂亮的图标——里面有3个点点的矩形。点击这个图标后,导入的PDF完整文档会再次展示出来。


Concepts reads your pages from top to bottom, and from left to right. If you’re looking to rearrange pages in your PDF, drag your pages onto the screen into the order you’d like them to appear, then export your PDF.

Don’t worry about crooked pages, Concepts will export anything within a page’s selection rectangle and true it up to the page, assessing the furthest left / right and top / bottom points. If it’s more horizontal, it will export to your true horizontal page; if it’s more vertical, it will export to your true vertical page.

是否需要将PDF中的某一页或某几页替换,但是又不想重建整个PDF文件?将想要修改的页面拉到画布上,完成修改后点击导出。选择PDF(Adobe PDF,扁平化)的PDF区域和包括原始页面。概念画板会将原始页面替换为更新后的页面,且该页面仍在PDF文档原位置(比如要替换的是第5页,那么替换后的页面仍在第5页)。



自定义导出下有两种PDF导出选项。一项是PDF(Adobe PDF,扁平化),该选项是标准PDF导出,可以将您的作品变成一件无敌的艺术品。

The second option is PDF (Adobe PDF, Vector Paths). This allows you to export the Concepts vector paths to PDF for use in editors that allow you to work with vector PDFs (e.g. Adobe Illustrator). Warning: the resulting PDF will not look exactly the same as your Concepts sketch - you can expect your lines to appear as simple, non-textured lines. PDF simply does not support the rich, textured strokes that Concepts produces.


1. 您选择屏幕截图,那么屏幕的当前显示区域将导出保存为单页的PDF

2. 如果您选择整个绘图,那么画布上所有内容(即使当前设备屏幕没有显示出来的部分)将会保存为单页PDF

3. 如果您选择配置的尺寸,概念画板设置(齿轮状)中设定的制作尺寸内的绘图将会保存为单页PDF

4a. 如果您选择PDF区域,您将会创建出一个多页PDF文档。将从左到右、从上到下识别您绘图中所有的PDF页面,最终导出一个完整的PDF文档。

4b. If you select PDF Bounds and include Original Pages, any page(s) you dragged from the PDF and adjusted will automatically substitute in for the original pages, giving you an updated version of your original PDF. This is great for signing the last page of a legal document, for example, without having to recreate the entire spread.