A helpful, often necessary part of any creative endeavor is the ability to import images, PDFs, Objects or other file types into your workspace. Concepts has multiple ways to help you import files - from working with Apple’s iOS (including Drag & Drop) to import directly into the app, to copy / pasting from your device’s clipboard, to a comprehensive access of all files via the Import menu.


On your canvas is an Import button. Tap to expand it into a full menu of your current library of objects, and to find the More button. Tap More to bring up a menu of all imports. Or to quickly open the Import tab, double-tap on the Import button.

导入菜单包含三栏:1. 市场 2. 我的素材 3. 导入

This menu includes three tabs: Market (where you can find all sorts of Objects to help in your workflows), My Objects (your personal collection of objects, including any you have bought, created or shared with someone else), and Imports (all other Import types).

The final Imports tab includes easy access to your 10 most recently imported items, and an Import From selection, where you can access your Clipboard, the device’s Camera, your Photos library, Files, or the Adobe Creative Cloud if you have an account with them. Tip: To quickly open this tab, double tap the import button on canvas (note that this doesn’t work if object list is open).

Concepts can import text, JPG, PNG and PDF files natively, and PSD through Adobe CC. Images are imported to scale onto your canvas.


Your device’s clipboard is a handy place to store the occasional image, object, color or selection, and you can access the clipboard from multiple places to import items quickly into your drawing. Access it from the Gallery, from the top of the Objects list under Import, and from the Import menu under More → Imports.


Let’s say you’ve just received the latest batch of slides you need mark up in your inbox. Just as you would open the file with any other supported application, download the file to your device, then tap+hold it to bring up sharing locations. Scroll through to Concepts and tap the icon. It will open the file inside a new drawing.


Drag & Drop

You can also import via Drag & Drop from any supported app. For example, if you find an image you’d like to reference from a Google image search, you can tap+hold the image in the web browser, and drag it straight onto your canvas. You can do the same with colors via supported apps and drag them into your color palettes.


  1. 长按图片或选中的文本。
  2. 使用其他手指滑出dock栏,选择概念画板。
  3. 当你看到蓝色的“+”图标,将选中内容拖到画布上。

How to Drag & Drop Colors into Concepts

You can also drag colors straight into your color palettes from apps that support iOS 11’s Drag & Drop capability. Note that the interactions will differ between apps, depending on each app’s workflow — you might have to experiment a bit to see what is draggable.

  1. 将概念画板和其他App设定为分屏显示。
  2. 打开概念画板调色板菜单。
  3. 在其他App中长按选中的颜色,然后直接拖到概念画板调色板中。


CPT is the Concepts native file type, including all data necessary to work with the drawing further in Concepts. You can import CPT files just like any other compatible files; open them from the import menu or go to your Files app and select “Copy to Concepts.” You may also receive a Direct Link that allows you to open a drawing by clicking on that link. To learn how to share drawings like this, see Exporting a CPT File.


In Concepts, objects are your ultimate, super-powered stickers. Royalty-free and 100% vector adjustable, you can Drag & Drop them straight onto your canvas from the Import menu and cut your workload into a fragment of the time. Purchase pre-made objects for any workflow from our Market, create infinite libraries of your own objects with Make Your Own Objects (MYOO), or Share your object libraries with colleagues to help your collaboration efforts.

Tap the Import button on your workspace to bring up a menu of your current objects. To switch to an alternate library of objects, tap the More button and you’ll be taken to the Import menu. Here you can find the Market tab with pre-made objects for different workflows available for purchase, and the My Objects tab, where all the objects you’ve purchased and created live, as well as libraries your colleagues have shared with you.

When you purchase object packs from the Market, you’ll find the option to buy bundles of 3, 5 or 10 packs in the Pro Shop. A bundled purchase places Credits on your account, which you can redeem for packs. If not used, they remain on your account, redeemable at any time. We update our Market often according to our community’s feedback. Is there an object pack you’d like to have that you don’t see? Let us know.




When you choose to edit your pack, a popup will appear where you can name, describe, and add search tags to your object pack. (Find the Searchfield at the top of the My Objects tab for quick searching through pack names, object names, and tags.) Object packs that are bought from the market or have been shared with you by others are read-only and cannot be edited in any way.



1. To create a new object pack, touch the New + button at the top of the My Objects tab. You’ll be taken back to the canvas where you’ll find a nearly empty library under the Import menu. It will contain a paperclip (access to the Clipboard) and a + button.

2. Select your drawing. We recommend grouping your strokes into a single object (by touching the chain link on the popup) so that selecting it later is easy. You can always ungroup it to adjust individual elements down the line.

3. Tap the + button on the object pack. Alternatively, you can drag your selection anywhere on the object pack and then let go. It will add itself to the pack while your original slides back to its position on your canvas.

4. Tap+hold the object on the pack to Edit or Delete your object. Giving it a name will help you to search for it from your object packs, and will keep them clear for your colleagues when shared.



If you’d like to share an object pack with a colleague who has also subscribed to team-sharing, go to the My Objects tab in the Import menu. Tap+hold your object pack to select it, and touch Share.



Troubleshooting. If for some reason you can’t find the object pack, log out of your account via your profile icon and log back in, and the object pack will appear. You can also Ask Us Anything in app via the question mark on the status bar.


  • 分享链接为公开链接,但仅拥有链接的人才可打开。
  • 对于其他人,该素材包为只读模式,只有您本人才能进行添加或删除。
  • 您所做的修改会立即显示在其他已订阅用户的设备中。
  • 分享的内容受到我们的服务条款的约束。
  • 其他人可随时取消该订阅。




  1. 允许iMeesage可以使用概念画板,Apple有相关简介
  2. 点击iMessage输入框左边的“A”,然后选择概念画板,点击菜单上方的素材套装。
  3. 点击一个贴纸然后发送出去。

We have a fully illustrated tutorial on Objects here if you’d like more help: Using the Object Library and Make Your Own Objects.