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You'll be amazed at how Concepts makes your work easy, enjoyable and organized.

Erick Mikiten, AIA, Architect, LEED-AP

For advanced, natural design.

Concepts is an award-winning, infinite sketching app used by architects world-wide to design homes, communities and urban landscapes. Sketch ideas naturally by hand, produce precision drawings to scale, iterate quickly on designs, export to apps like AutoCAD and Adobe InDesign, and present and share your work from anywhere.

Concepts is chosen by architectural firms, freelance architects, interior designers and landscape architects as their go-to mobile design tool.

Concepts for Architects

Artwork courtesy Amin Zakaria, Architectural Executive, DP Architects

Apps that work with Concepts

Rhinoceros 3D - 3D modeling software for graphics, rendering, drafting, fabrication and 3D printing. Sketch in Concepts, export as a PNG, SVG or PDF to Rhino, and flesh out your design for printing. Alternatively, bring it back into Concepts for rendering and fully-imagined concept sketches.

Readdle Documents - A one-stop project management and organization app, use it to transfer files between cloud and devices. 

SketchUp - A simple yet powerful 3D modeling software, SketchUp can import both raster and vector files from Concepts. Model on top, then import back to Concepts for rendering and presentation.

Shapr3D - An iPad + Apple Pencil exclusive, Shapr3D allows you to create fast, 3-dimensional massing studies for architecture and product designs. See it in action with Concepts here.

AutoCAD - An industry standard software package for creating technical drawings, plans and designs. Concepts can export DXF (R-14), PDF and other vector / raster file types so you can make the most of your work across devices.

Adobe Illustrator - An industry-standard, vector-based illustration software for the desktop, architects use this to add text and other final enhancements to sketches they’ve hand-drawn in Concepts. Export PSD, PDF, SVG, PNG or JPG from Concepts to Illustrator.

Revit - Precisely manage your BIM needs with Autodesk Revit. Concepts can exchange raster and vector files like SVG, DXF, PDF and more, helping you keep your project and team up to date with all of your latest creative ideas.

Designed For Architects

Infinite Sketching

Sketch with realistic pencils, pens, wire, markers and more in COPIC colors on an infinite canvas.

Team Communication

An automatic Presentation Mode* lets you sketch live with your team or clients, or whiteboard virtually with apps like Zoom.

Import Client Files

Import PDFs of plans, take photos on site, or mark up your teammates' designs and send them back.

Real World Scale*

Set your project to scale and work with measurement to deliver a design with exact dimensions.

Design with Precision

Design tools like Grids, Line Smoothing, Live Snap*, Ruler* and Shape Guides* help you draw fast sketches and turn them into viable plans.

Editable Vectors

Adjustable vectors let you iterate and change elements of your design without having to redraw anything. Zoom and scale your drawings with clarity.

Iterate Freely

Use infinite layers for as many iterations as you need to make your client happy. Quickly toggle between alternatives.

Object Libraries*

Drag+drop professional architectural objects or create your own for fast design work and client presentations.

Export PDFs

Export files to PDF, PNG, SVG, DXF (AutoCAD) and other file types for flexible workflows across apps.

24 Hour Support

Tap Help > Ask Us Anything in app for quick and personal Concepts support.

PRO Design Community

Connect with Architects and Designers, watch videos, and find design stories and tutorials @conceptsapp on your favorite social channels.

Cross Platform COMING SOON

Our goal in 2024 is a cross platform sketching experience for iOS, Windows and Android.

*iOS only features. Platform parity between iOS, Windows and Android is in progress with updates every 4 - 6 weeks. See our roadmap for upcoming features on Windows and Android.

Artwork courtesy Woojae Sung, Architect, Founder | Principal at SA:PN:DA
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Not only can I sketch ideas for presentation to clients, I can do this in front of them. I am also carrying around every sketch I do on my iPad, making it possible for me to literally sketch anywhere... [Concepts] is without any shadow of doubt the perfect merge of technology and craft that frees me to design and create without boundaries.

Ewen Miller, Managing Director, Calderpeel Architects

Special thanks to Amin Zakaria, Osama Elfar, David Clynk, Michael P. Kais, Ewen Miller, Erick Mikiten, Woojae Sung, Evan Bronstein, and Lasse Pekkala for sharing their art, insights and inspiration.