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What is Concepts (the app)?

Concepts is a flexible digital sketchbook that helps your team iterate faster. It’s the natural evolution of pencil and paper where ideas can progress as quick as you think.

Companies like yours already use Concepts to sketch floorplans, iterate on product sketches, markup blueprints, create custom moodboards, and present their work to clients.

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Easy Billing Solutions

Concepts’ Team Subscriptions

Team managers can easily provision licenses that unlock Concepts’ Everything subscription on any platform without complex installation procedures or setup. Just sign in and start creating.


Small to medium-sized teams.

Easily manage licenses for your whole team means a simplified billing solution and full access to every feature Concepts’ has to offer.

$10 / mo or $100 / yr per license 2

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Larger teams and organizations.

Special considerations including manual billing, security audits, special services, and personalized support.

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Get free licenses for your entire school.

If you are a student who’d like to use Concepts at your school, please ask a staff member to apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Concepts Teams for?

Teams of all sizes use Concepts to iterate on design ideas and share work with clients instantaneously. Teams who commonly use Concepts:



Industrial Designers

Landscape Designers

Which devices and platforms does Concepts work on?

Concepts is available on iOS, Windows, Android and ChromeOS and optimized for stylus-based devices like the Apple iPad & iPad Pro, the Microsoft Surface family, Samsung Note + Tab lines, and any Chromebook with a pen.

The file formats are not yet compatible between iOS and other platforms, but we’re working on it.

See System Requirements >

Does Concepts offer any collaboration features?

Live collaboration does not currently exist. You can share files, but only one user can work on a file at a time.

Object and brush packs can be shared live (on iOS currently, and is coming to Windows, Android and ChromeOS soon).

What are Concepts’ data and privacy policies?

Simply put, your data is your own. Drawings live on your devices or cloud services (where available), and we don’t share your info without your consent. Follow these links to review our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.

What kind of deployment options are available?

You can deploy to users via direct download, BYOD (bring your own device), or managed distribution (e.g MDM) through the various app stores.

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Concepts Teams for iOS, Windows, Android & ChromeOS

What makes Concepts special?

Infinite Canvas

Sketch and explore your ideas on an infinite canvas. Zoom with clarity, apply moveable artboards, and share just what you need.

Vector-Raster Hybrid

Draw with realistic pencils, pens, wire, custom brush libraries1 and more in designer COPIC colors licensed by Too Corporation.

Present Live

An automatic Presentation Mode1 lets you sketch live with your team or clients, or whiteboard virtually with apps like Zoom.

Editable Vectors

Adjustable vectors let you iterate and change elements of your sketch without having to redraw anything.

Iterate Freely

Use infinite layers for as many iterations as you need to make your client happy. Quickly toggle between alternatives.

Import Files

Drag+drop images and PDFs, sign documents, mark up client or teammate files and send them back fresh.

Design with Precision

Design tools like Grids, Line Smoothing, Live Snap and Shape Guides help you draw fast designs with Real-World Scale and Measurement.

Object Libraries1

Drag+drop professional objects or create your own for fast design work, graphic sharing and client presentations.

Export PDFs

Export files to PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG, DXF (AutoCAD) and other file types for flexible workflows across apps.

Connecting the Dots

Learn to Draw

Not everyone on your team may be comfortable sharing visually, but since sketching is shown to increase team engagement and understanding of core problems, we’ve made a drawing course that’s helpful for beginners.

Pro Design Community

Connect with visual thinkers like you, watch videos, and find design stories and tutorials @conceptsapp on your favorite social channels.

Cross Platform COMING SOON

Our goal for 2023 is a cross-platform sketching experience for iOS, Windows, Android & ChromeOS.

Concepts is the best place for teams to sketch, plan and share ideas.

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1 iOS only features. Platform parity between iOS, Windows, Android & ChromeOS is in progress with updates measured in weeks. See the full list of features for more detail.

2 Pricing may vary based on your region.