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Follow along with these how-tos and learn something new from people who use Concepts in their everyday creative flow. There’s something for everyone, with new articles all the time.

Getting Started with Concepts Pro Features

Want to learn what’s in Concepts Pro Subscription? In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn the power of our advanced tools and how to use them to improve your sketching, designing and note-taking.


iCloud Drive is Finally Here!

Learn how to use iCloud Drive to sync your drawings and create a seamless experience across Apple devices.


Concepts Community Highlight 2023

To celebrate that power of ideas, we've chosen some of our favorite sketches shared with us this year. These users honed their skills not just in using the app, but in expressing their ideas and having the courage to share them with the world.


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Oldies but Goodies

We’ve made dozens of tutorials, workflow demonstrations, and other videos for previous versions of Concepts - many of those concepts still apply in the current version. They’ll look a bit different, but they’re chock full of good drawing techniques that transcend time.

Concepts Watercolor TutorialConcepts Eraser TutorialConcepts Layers Tutorial
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[A] productivity bonus is to sketch ideas in meetings and throw them up on a big screen in real time, then send them to the attendees while they are still in the meeting.

Craig Burns, Architect

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