Getting Started with Concepts' Pro Features

Concepts' Pro Subscription features are designed to make your sketching and note taking even more efficient and intuitive. With everything from a deep library of Brushes to Grids and Objects, there’s a tool for every workflow.

Here's how to get started with the main Concepts Pro features*.

*You can find a full feature comparison list for each platform here.

Advanced Selection and Editing Tools

You can use Concepts’ advanced selection and editing tools to quickly modify existing shapes and objects without redrawing anything.

How to use:

  1. Use the Selection or Lasso tool to select an object.
  2. The Edit menu will pop up.
  3. From there you can duplicate, align, transform,  move, or copy your selected object.


Unlimited Brush and Object Packs

Explore a vast library of professionally designed Brushes and Objects to enhance your creations.

How to use Brush Packs:

  1. Tap the active tool in the Tool Wheel to bring up the Brush Market.
  2. Browse the available packs and tap to choose a brush.

How to use Object Packs:

  1. Tap the Object icon in the status bar to open the Objects menu.
  2. Tap the object you want to use or drag & drop it onto the canvas.
  3. Once on the canvas, the object is fully editable.


Advanced Exports

Deliver the final files you need with JPG, PNG, PSD, SVG, PDF and DXF exports.

How to use:

  1. Open the drawing you want to export.
  2. Tap the Export button in the status bar.
  3. Choose JPG, PNG, PSD, SVG, PDF or DXF as the format and select your desired export options.
  4. Tap "Export" to save the file to your device or share it through other apps.


Create Custom Brushes*

Creating custom brushes in Concepts is a great way to personalize your toolkit and streamline your workflow. Here’s how to create and save your first custom brush.

How to use:

  1. Open the Brushes menu and tap the active tool or double tap an inactive tool.
  2. Create a new brush pack in "My Brushes".
  3. Add a new brush within the pack.
  4. Enter the Brush Editor by tapping the brush icon or "Edit Brush".
  5. Customize stamp, grain, size, opacity, smoothing and rotation.
  6. Save your brush by tapping the back arrow or close button.

More tips:

  • Experiment: Play with the different settings to discover new brush possibilities.
  • Organize: Keep your brushes organized with multiple packs for styles and uses.
  • Share: Export your custom brushes and share them with others.

For more in-depth instructions check out our tutorial on creating brushes.

*Available on iOS – coming to Windows and Android.


Create Custom Grids

Concepts offers deeply customizable grids, allowing you to modify your workspace for precise and technical design work, like creating floor plans or axonometric drawings.

How to use:

  1. Open Grid Settings (from Settings menu or Precision menu).
  2. Choose a grid type to customize.
  3. Tap the selected grid or "Edit Grid" to open the Grid Editor.
  4. Adjust spacing, divisions, color, opacity and more.
  5. Save changes by tapping the back arrow or closing the menu.
  6. Once you’ve activated a Grid, a new Grid layer will appear. You can toggle it on and off, or move the layer to the top of your layer stack.
  7. The grids can be also edited on canvas. To enter the grid edit mode, select the Grid layer and tap the settings icon.

More tips:

  • Snap to Grid: With the grid active, enable "Snap" in the Precision menu to have your strokes and shapes automatically snap to the grid lines.
  • Perspective Grids: Concepts Pro offers 1-point, 2-point, and 3-point perspective grids, which are invaluable for creating accurate perspective drawings. Access them in the same way as other grid types.

For more in-depth instructions check out our tutorials about grid customization: How to Edit Your Grid and How to Setup a Perspective Grid.


Deep Note Search*

Never lose track of your ideas again! Deep Note Search allows you to search for any text or handwriting within your notes, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for, no matter how much content you have.

How to use:

From the Gallery, use the search bar to enter your search terms. Concepts will instantly highlight all matching text and handwriting within your notes.

*Available on Android – coming to Windows and iOS.


Concepts’ Pro Subscription is your visual thinking sidekick, growing alongside you with regular updates and new tools and features. Subscribe now for instant access to all the new tools and features designed to help you visualize, organize and connect ideas with ease.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a free trial?

You can start a 7-day Concepts Pro Subscription trial right in the app! Simply click GO PRO in the status bar, select your plan type, and the free trial will start automatically.

Do you have a User Manual?

We do! You can access it on our website here or in the app by tapping Online Manual in the Help menu under Help & Support.

Do you have more learning resources?

Whether you prefer to read or watch, we have a learning resource for you. You can watch video overviews of all our features on our YouTube Channel, check out our Online Manual, or subscribe to our Newsletter for our getting started mini-course.

In the app: Did you know you can access our full User Manual right in the app? Just open the Help menu and tap Online Manual. You can also access our FAQ for any questions.

Which tools are on which platforms?

For an up-to-date list of all of our features and platforms, feel free to check out our Features page.

How much is Concepts Pro Subscription?

The price of a Concepts Pro Subscription varies by region. You’ll find the most accurate pricing in the App Store, Play Store, Windows Store or Samsung Store.