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Like any good idea, Concepts is a work-in-progress. We started with Concepts on iOS, and we're now working on bringing the much-loved experience to Windows, Android and ChromeOS. Our goal is to bring these platforms to the same level with regular releases, and for the time being some differences exist between the two versions. Here’s where we are so far:

DevelopmentiOS | iPadOSWindows | Android & ChromeOS
Current Version6.132024.5
Latest UpdateApr 2024Apr 2024
Originally Launched20122018
Development FocusNew Features 2Convergence
Available for Teams
Cross-platform Subscriptions
Priority Support
Download LinksApp StoreMicrosoft Store | Play Store
Engine & RenderingiOS | iPadOSWindows | Android & ChromeOS
Infinite Canvas
Vector-based Strokes
120Hz Rendering
Pressure, Tilt, Velocity, Azimuth Support
Live Smoothing
Zoom, Pan & Rotate Canvas
Hover Brush Previews-
ToolsiOS | iPadOSWindows | Android & ChromeOS
Ink Pens
Text Tool
Slice (Vector Eraser)
Hard & Soft Masks
Pro Brush Pack Library 1
Custom Brushes 1-
Import / Export Brush Packs 1-
Shared Brush Packs 1-
Tool Wheel + Tool Bar
ColorsiOS | iPadOSWindows | Android & ChromeOS
COPIC Color Wheel
HSL Color Sliders
RGB Color Sliders
Tap + Hold Color Picker
Custom Color Palettes-
Dynamic Color Palettes-
Shared Palettes-
SelectioniOS | iPadOSWindows | Android & ChromeOS
Color Picker
Item Picker w/ Add & Subtract
Stretch, Scale & Rotate 1
Advanced Transforms 1
Aspect, Non-Linear, Skew, Distort, Perspective
Highlight SelectionEnabled Only
PrecisioniOS | iPadOSWindows | Android & ChromeOS
Basic Grids
Dot Grid, Graph Paper, Lined Paper, Isometric, Triangle
Perspective Grids 1
Custom Grids 1
Shape Guides 1
Arc, Line, Angle, Rectangle, Ellipse
Shape Recognition-- | Beta
LayersiOS | iPadOSWindows | Android & ChromeOS
Infinite Layers 1
Automatic Layering
Drag to Reorder
Focus Mode-
Background Layer
Grid Layer
Measurement Layer
Importing & ExportingiOS | iPadOSWindows | Android & ChromeOS
Native File Format.concept 4.concepts 4
PDF Support (Vector + Raster) 1
JPG Support
PNG Support 1
PSD Support 1
DXF Support 1Export OnlyExport Only
SVG Support 1Export OnlyExport Only
Export 72ppi - 600ppi 1
Export Screenshots, Artboards + Selections
Scale-Aware Image Import 1
Copy / Paste to / from other apps
Object LibraryiOS | iPadOSWindows | Android & ChromeOS
Basic Shapes 1
Make Your Own Objects 1Coming Soon
Pro Libraries 1
Shared Object Packs 1Coming Soon
Pexels Image Search-- | ✓
File ManagementiOS | iPadOSWindows | Android & ChromeOS
Infinite Projects / Folders
Grouping + Sorting
Filesystem Accessible
File Format.concept 4.concepts 4
Open In Place
Printing Support
Cloud BackupDevice BackupConfigurable | Google Drive
Cloud Syncing 6iCloud DriveConfigurable | Coming Soon
Searchvia SpotlightComing Soon | ✓
SystemiOS | iPadOSWindows | Android & ChromeOS
Dark ModeGallery + Canvas
Stylus Support
Surface Dial SupportN/A✓ | N/A
Multi-Touch Gestures
Keyboard Shortcuts
Finger vs Stylus Gestures
Palm Rejection
Presentation Mode-
Wacom Tablet SupportN/A
Foldable ScreensN/ASupported
Fullscreen Mode
Widget Support-
Minimum RequirementsiOS | iPadOSWindows | Android & ChromeOS
OS15Windows 10 (18362) | Android 8 (26)
ArchitectureARM64ARM64-v8a, x64
Memory1GB4GB | 1GB
GraphicsMetalDirectX 11 | OpenGL ES 3.1
Video Memory1GB1GB
Disk Space (App Only)~120MB~100MB

1 Feature is available for purchase.
2 Concepts for iOS continues to evolve at a rapid pace. We're currently working on iCloud Sync and improved Keyboard support.
4 The file format used on iOS is not yet compatible with the Windows/Android file format. You can share drawings across Windows, Android and ChromeOS. Once the two formats catch up, you will be able to share drawings across all platforms.
6 Cloud Syncing refers to drawing-level, automatic syncing between multiple devices. Concepts for Windows can be configured to use installed cloud syncing solutions.
7 Cross-platform Subscriptions unlock everything and require a free Concepts account. Available now on iOS, Windows and Android.

• Coming Soon means “we are actively developing this feature”. See the Roadmap (iOS | Windows | Android) for details.
• All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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