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“The ability to adjust the line is by far the most engaging and tactile part of Concepts.” - Evan Bronstein, Architect

Advanced Natural Design

Welcome to Concepts! An advanced sketching and design tool for iPad, Concepts is used by architects world-wide to design homes, enhance communities, build landscapes and plan renovations on-site, with clients, at home and at the office.

Architects can explore and sketch ideas naturally by hand, produce precision drawings to scale, iterate on designs quickly, export to software applications like AutoCAD, and instantly share their work for an efficient, mobile workflow. Designed as a smart yet natural replacement for all those reams of trace, Concepts is chosen by architectural firms, freelance architects, interior designers and landscape architects as their go-to mobile design tool.

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Combined with the sensitivity afforded by the Apple Pencil, I was finally able to use my iPad as a true sketch pad.

Ewen Miller, Architect

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Ewen Miller, Architect
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You’ll be amazed at how Concepts makes your work easy, enjoyable and organized.

Erick Mikiten, Architect

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Erick Mikiten, Architect

Apps That Work Well with Concepts

AutoCAD   An industry standard software package for creating technical drawings, plans and designs. Concepts exports to DXF.

Rhinoceros 3D   3D modelling software for graphics, rendering, drafting, fabrication and 3D printing purposes. Sketch in Concepts, export as a PNG to Rhino3D, and flesh out your design for printing. Alternatively, bring it back into Concepts for fully-imagined concepts sketches.

Grasshopper   3D modelling software for graphics, rendering drafting, fabrication and 3D printing purposes. Sketch in Concepts, export as a PNG and flesh out your design for printing.

Shapr3D   An iPad Pro only app, Shapr3D allows you to create fast, 3-dimensional massing studies for your architectural and product designs.

Readdle Documents   A one-stop project management and organization app, use it to transfer files between your clouds and between devices.

Adobe Illustrator   An industry-standard, vector-based illustration software for the desktop, architects use this to add text and other final enhancements to sketches they've hand-drawn in Concepts. Export PSD, PDF, PNG and JPG from Concepts to Illustrator with a Creative Cloud Account.

Adobe InDesign   Create document designs and layouts for digital and print. Export PSD, PDF, PNG and JPG from Concepts to InDesign with an Adobe Creative Cloud account.


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New to Concepts or deepening your know-how? Watch our Quick Start tutorial or download the Quick Start Guide. Check out our other tutorials and see Concepts' vectors in action, learn to set scale for your projects, and export with industry standard file formats.

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Special thanks to Evan BronsteinOsama Elfar, Erick MikitenEwen Miller and Woojae Sung for sharing their art, insights and inspiration.