The Gallery

The first time you open Concepts, after the short onboarding, you’ll start in the Gallery. This is where all of your drawings are stored. They’re organized into “projects.”

  1. Drop-down Menu.
  2. Breadcrumbs. You’re now in the Gallery.
  3. Gallery Sorting. You can change the sorting of your drawings in the project.
  4. Help. Always available with a tap.
  5. Pro Shop. Show your status, find cool tools and libraries to make your life easier, and support us!
  6. Galary Settings. You can check your Gallery location here.
  7. Project List. You can see the list of your projects here. Currently there’s only one Project called “Untitled” in the list.
  8. Project Meta. Tap to change.
  9. New Project. Tap to create a new project.
  10. Drawings. All of your drawings in this project. Swipe left / right to switch between projects or tap a project on your Project List. Tap+hold or right-click a drawing to duplicate it, rename it or delete it. You can also drag your drawings to different places with a Tap+hold.
  11. New Drawing. Tap this plus button to start a drawing from scratch.