The COPIC Color Wheel

At the center of your tool wheel is a circle representing the current color and opacity of your current tool.

Tap the circle to bring up the COPIC color wheel. This wheel is a spectrum of colors hand-picked by Too Corporation to help artists and designers add consistency and beauty to their work while simplifying the matching process. These colors are mathematically sorted by pigment and saturation, and are represented on the wheel by a letter+number code. Visit here to learn more about Copic color theory. The values in Concepts are as similar as they can get to their real-life marker complements.

The color wheel is spinnable. Drag your finger up or down to turn the wheel.

From the inside of the wheel outward, you’ll see a tonal value spectrum along with true black and white, then a ring of your cool, warm, neutral and tonal grays, and finally the colors in their particular blending gradients. Tap on a color to set it to your active brush.