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The Concepts Community Highlights of 2016

A collection of our community's best creations from 2016.

Take an inspirational stroll through some of our favorite shares from the Concepts community in 2016. Try not to cry — the breadth of your vision and creativity is incredible, and all of it done on your mobile device.

Analog & Digital by Michael P. Kaiser, architect

Form Studies by Steve Silvas, designer

Morning Dew by Shavran Bharadwaj, illustrator

Complex Concept by Ewen Miller, architect

Elevations by Eric Chuah, architect

Profile by Ivan Jeronimo, artist

Watch Faces by ian_sun, designer

Custom Skimboard Art by Alex Keegan, designer

Impresso Label Design by Mimi Chao, illustrator

Evernote Sketchnoting by Aurélie Alléon, illustrator

Shanghai Line 9 by sloppybunnytoons, artist

Panda by Vero Fjot, illustrator

Morning Workflow by Neil Braw, architect

Interior Floor Plan by Hend Alasoomi, interior/exterior designer

Landscape Vista by Edith Plazotta, illustrator

Shifting Cubes by Andrés Iga, illustrator

Interior Vision by Osama Elfar, architect

Zen Fish Tattoo by Andi Winter, artist

Cylinder by Asbjorn Mejlvang, product designer

Divinity by Candy Walton, illustrator

Carabiner by Graham Allan, designer

Storm Trooper Helmet by Marcelo Cominguez, designer

Thank you for your inspiration this year, it’s meant the world to us! Take a look at more awe-inducing shares, not to mention how-to articles, videos and news on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Wishing you the very best for 2017!

Ben, David and the Concepts Team

Curated by Erica Christensen


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