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A Little Sketching Goes a Long Way

Concepts Community Highlights of 2021

Sketching highlights by the Concepts creative community from 2021.

As you may know, our team is an enormous believer in the power of sketching. Sketching, no matter how rough it is, underlies our creative efforts as an essential starting place. Whether you're planning a presentation, discovering a hidden angle in a storyboard or web design, or laying out the flow of your new home, we bet that sketching was at the bottom of it. 

We thought we'd share some of the highlights from the year that made our team go "wow". Hopefully, they'll get you inspired to sketch your next great idea.


Sketches come in all types - simple, sprawling, loose or structural, paper or digital, and can transform your spaces in the real world.

Interior Designer and Architectural Illustrator Shannin Williams shares a stunning set of sketches on her website and Instagram. She also offers a sketching masterclass to teach designers how to visualize their clients' homes as refreshed retreats.



These minimal outlines represent the most thoughtful options for communicating information quickly to a user. UX Designer Ella Moyer shares:

"Have you used “Crazy 8S” in your design process? Crazy 8s is a core design sprint method that challenges people to sketch 8 distinct idea in 8 minutes. The goal... is to push beyond your first idea—often the least innovative—and generate a wide variety of solutions to your problem.

"These Crazy 8 sketches hope to help my user “Nina” find the perfect cafe for remote working in her city.... While some of these sketches might look very similar, they are all individual and approach the solution in a slightly different way. While my first solution was not bad, my later solutions offer Nina more information quickly and clearly."



Some well-placed arrows and deliberate line work beautifully communicate an upcoming community lifestyle in this series of "Garden House" architectural elevations by @le_sam_hosseini.



Infographics share the most important information in a simple drawing. This elegant presentation was outlined by design student Maha Alamri.



This is an early sketch for a marketing suite for a riverfront development by Architect and Interior Designer Richard Tremeer. Sketches like these help to visualize the site experience, and become groundwork for important development discussions and detailing. About the design, Tremeer says, "the transparent window graphic references the dock workers that historically used to ply their trade in this location."


The most imaginative illustrations begin with an outline. Character designer and storyboard artist Michele Rizzardi has an incredible illustration portfolio on his Instagram, and it's great to see some of his process.



Even projects that take extreme muscle begin with a sketch. This stunning landscape design is by Lead Designer Matt Hiner of Hiner Outdoor Living, an exceptionally talented landscape design team who will transform your backyard into a paradise.



The underlying linework is necessary to outline an excellent design and product experience. Architectural Designer Jonny H. Gallardo's portfolio is filled with strategic architectural and industrial design sketches.



This hand study is just a beautiful piece that warms us to the heart. Thanks for sharing your artwork, @dlevinoir.



An incredible depiction of our ability to architect our own new year, inked by urban artist Stan Q. Zhang.


Thanks again for sharing your creative year with us. Warm wishes for a safe and productive 2022!

The Concepts Team

By Erica Christensen


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