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Design Highlights of 2020

Our top 10 designer and artist highlights of 2020 in Concepts App.

We are privileged to work with some of the most skilled, visionary and just plain awesome designers and artists around the world. Below are our team's top ten favorite posts from over the year. Thank you for sharing your incredible creative talent.

Amin Zakaria - @aminzakaria37


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The Concepts Team

Hero banner art by Can Seferoglu
Written and curated by Erica Christensen and Annelise Atlas


Architectural Design Sketching on the iPad - Architect Amin Zakaria shares how sketching with Concepts' grids and live Snap helps his design workflow.

Designing Architecture Beyond the Limits - Architect Sean Gallagher discusses design workflows and strategies for competitive architectural design.

Converting Problems into User Experience Workflows - Front End Engineer Aral Tasher shares how he uses wireframing to turn complex applications into smooth UX workflows.