Concepts 6 is Coming Soon

A Concepts for iOS Release Preview

Concepts 6 for iOS is coming soon. Be on the lookout this October.


Concepts 6 for iOS is now available in the App Store. See our Release Post to learn the details.


Coming Soon

We're looking forward to sharing a new iteration of Concepts with you in a few short weeks. Concepts 6 for iOS will have an updated canvas look and feel, be simpler to navigate while retaining its deep flexibility, and offer more organization so you can create more in less time. We hope you'll dive right into your creative flow and mingle with your ideas more naturally.

A few things you can look forward to:

  • a new logo to go with the new app feel
  • a modernized status bar that places your key interactions at the front of your workflow
  • a restructured Gallery integrated with the Files app for better project management
  • many improvements to update the speed and flow of your creative experience
  • and to celebrate 10 years since we launched in the App Store, we have a surprise new feature coming

We're pleased to share that the updates to the Gallery are another major step towards delivering iCloud sync. We're not quite there yet, but with the new gallery integration with Files, plus a lot of work under the hood, we are a giant leap closer to delivering on our promise of full iCloud integration.

Be on the lookout for our Concepts 6 update coming in the next few weeks! Thank you for your excellent insights and feedback that have helped us to come so far. Your support has helped us every day to continue creating a great tool.


The Concepts Team


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