The Gallery

The first time you open Concepts, you’ll start in the Gallery. This is where all of your drawings are stored. They’re organized into “projects.”

  1. Start Something New. Start a new drawing, make a new section, create a new project, paste from the clipboard or import an image, or take a quick picture for later markup.
  2. Breadcrumbs. You’re now in the Gallery, in the “Artwork” project. Tap this to bring up a list of your projects, tap a project to go straight there, and tap+hold a project to reorder it in the list. You can also tap+hold+drag multiple drawings, and add them into a project here. You can also slide your finger on the breadcrumbs to quickly scroll through projects.
  3. Pro Shop. Show your status, find cool tools and libraries to make your life easier, and support us!
  4. Your Account. Tap for preferences.
  5. Sorting. You can sort drawings manually, or automatically by date created, updated, or alphabetically.
  6. Help. Always available with a tap.
  7. Project Meta. Tap to change.
  8. Sections You can organize your drawings into Sections for portfolio, confidentiality, and general organizational purposes. These are hidable if you tap the arrow. Tap+hold a section title to rename or delete it, and tap+hold+drag a section to rearrange it.
  9. Drawings. All of your drawings in this project. Swipe right/left to switch between projects. Tap+hold a drawing to drag it about, duplicate it or delete it. Tap the drawing name to rename it.
  10. New Drawing. A self-explanatory shortcut - tap to start from scratch. Tap+hold it to bring up the other “new” options