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Tell Us About Your Sketching

Welcome to Concepts Part 5 - Let us know how we can make your sketching better.

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Hi Creator,

How do you like sketching on an infinite canvas? Are you interacting more with your ideas, creating deeper, and accomplishing your creative goals?

I’d love to hear your experience sketching with Concepts. Our app is directly shaped by the feedback we hear from our community. We develop hard and update frequently so you can have the best creative tools. Let me know your favorite part of Concepts, which tools or tutorials you’d like to see next, and how the app makes a difference for you.

The world is not the same without your unique ideas. Every story shared by our community is inspiring, like Chef Madison Lee's artisanal wedding cakes, Illumination Director Yarrow Cheney’s Grinch movie concept art, Peter McKintosh's theater set and costume modeling, and Amin Zakaria's urban sketching journals.

I hope you’ll share your story with us, too.

If you haven’t discovered Concepts on your favorite social channel yet, find our latest news and inspiration from fellow designers, illustrators and visual thinkers @conceptsapp. Tag your own work with #conceptsapp and we’ll cheer for your success.

Your best creative friends,

Erica + the Concepts Team

P.S. Check out our free Learn to Draw Series by designer Lasse Pekkala sharing basic sketching and visual communication techniques. You can take a look now or learn more with my next email.

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Not an artist? Not a problem.

Drawing isn't just for artists, it's for everyone. Learn how to sketch and communicate visually with our free Learn to Draw Series by TopHatch designer Lasse Pekkala. Find downloadable course materials in the video descriptions and level up your sketching.

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