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Design Your Plan

Welcome to Concepts Part 4 - Design with scale, measurement, shapes and objects.

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Hi Creator,

How is your sketching going? Are you feeling comfortable working with layers and editing your line work?

Last email, I promised you an intro to some of Concepts’ design features. The app has grids, real-time scale and measurements, shape guides and vector-based objects that can help you draft your idea into a plan.


“Concepts has been really helpful in my design work and project planning. An infinite canvas, layers, and incredible smart tools leave plenty of opportunities for expression.” - cumbustion studio


Create your first design as you learn to draw perfect shapes with Concepts’ grids and shape guides. Customize your grid to your project, or use the perspective grids to sketch 3-dimensional objects. 

Are you importing or designing a floor plan? Learn how to create a floor plan. For other types of projects, learn how to add scale and measurement to your design.

To help you work faster, try dropping vector objects like shapes, trees, furniture and mannequins straight onto your canvas. You can even make your own objects.

Once your design is complete, learn how to format and export it for clients, portfolios and other apps, and move to the next stage of your creative plan.

I hope these tutorials help you take your idea to the next level. If you have questions about any of Concepts’ design capabilities, tap Help > Ask Us Anything in app, we’re always glad to chat.

For insights and tips from fellow Concepts designers, check out some of our interviews. Read about Creative Director Bart Massee’s heavy metal filtering water bottle design, Architect Craig Burns’ paperless design life, and Charles Freestone’s client-winning retail designs.

Here’s to imagining and creating your better world. Cheers,

Erica + the Concepts Team

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