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Create Deeper

Welcome to Concepts Part 3 - Create deeper with imports, layers and colors.

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How does it feel to sketch with vectors? Has it helped you to explore your ideas on a deeper level? Do you feel more in control of the outcome?

I’d like to share how you can take advantage of some of Concepts’ important workflows - layers, imports and colors. As you get comfortable using these features, you’ll find how easily you can manage and create your ideas.


“My project at the moment has 43 layers. All of these layers have different versions of a plan.” - Erick Mikiten, architect


Layers. Layers help you to organize your work by tool, effect or idea. In this tip-filled tutorial, find out how to create, duplicate, rearrange and merge layers, and how to hide or focus your layers.

Imports. Concepts lets you import images and PDFs onto your canvas for references, underlays, mood boards and mark-up. Double-tap the Import menu as a shortcut or drag+drop them in from other apps.

Colors. Keep your project’s colors in reach. Tap+hold the color dot to open a menu and personalize color palettes you can swipe through on the canvas palette. Drag+drop colors into palettes, pick from dynamic shades, and include your favorite custom colors in the mix.

The vector color picker is a great addition to your color toolkit, too. Find the eyedropper in the color wheel or set it to a stylus or finger gesture in Settings.

If you have questions about these workflows, head in app to Help > Ask Us Anything. We'll be happy to help.

If you’d like inspiration, our community of designers, illustrators and visual thinkers have shared how they use Concepts to create their visions. Read how Artist Mimi Chao realized her successful Kickstarter project, how Architect Erick Mikiten designs dream homes for clients, and how Graphic Recorder Tobey Busch creates Sketchnotes.

Stay tuned for my next email where I’ll share how to turn projects into plans. You’ll learn how to use scale, measurement, grids, shape guides and objects.

Kind regards,

Erica + the Concepts Team

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