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Welcome to Concepts Part 6 - Learn to visualize your ideas.

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Hi Creator,

If you’re not an artist, we designed Concepts for you. Studies show 65% of people are visual thinkers. That means you have to sketch, write, doodle or draw in order to make sense of the ideas in your head.

It means that sketching is a natural part of thinking. It’s also a key part of communicating your ideas. And it means you don’t have to be an artist (definition: one who pours thousands of hours into mastering a creative skill) in order to draw. Drawing is for everyone.

If you want to sketch your ideas but don’t know how to begin, try this series of free Learn to Draw videos created by designer Lasse Pekkala to help you start thinking visually and find your flow, whether you’re a note taker, doodler, graphic thinker or designer.

Included in the series are downloadable materials to help you master the sketching exercises on your time, at your own pace. We hope you find something new, whether it’s a fresh start to drawing, rekindling previously learned skills, or finding a hidden perspective to reflect on and add to your sketching arsenal. New content is on its way, be on the lookout for the next addition.

Watch our Learn to Draw Playlist on YouTube.

To learn more about the series, check out our Learn to Draw Series Overview.

We’d love to hear your feedback and what you liked best. Feel free to reply to this email or leave a comment on the YouTube playlist and we’ll chat. Thanks for watching! If you find the series useful, please share with your friends, no tablet necessary.


Erica + the Concepts Team

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New to Concepts? Start your infinite sketching journey with these videos.

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Not an artist? Not a problem.

Drawing isn't just for artists, it's for everyone. Learn how to sketch and communicate visually with our free Learn to Draw Series by TopHatch designer Lasse Pekkala. Find downloadable course materials in the video descriptions and level up your sketching.

Find more sketching tutorials on our YouTube channel @conceptsapp.