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How to Save the Earth with a Sketch

A Visual Guide to Creating a Conservation Story

For kids and adults — learn how to create a visual solution for real-world change using your pencil, a piece of paper and a few great ideas.

We believe in the power of a few simple sketches and some creative thinking to solve problems and create a better world. With a piece of paper or your favorite sketching app, a pen and your imagination, you can come up with new ideas to make a difference. Whether you're a kid or an adult, whether you want to help climate change, preserve wildlife, create new products that enrich life, or solve local crises... you can absolutely do it starting with a sketch.

Our team at Concepts paired with Earth Endeavours' International #WritingforNature Short Story Contest to create a conservation-based visual thinking guide to show you how to take an idea and turn it into a plan for helping our Earth. Follow along with this guide to learn simple problem solving techniques and find a great solution for any idea.

Download a How to Save the Earth with a Sketch PDF with active conservation links here.

Download a How to Save the Earth with a Sketch PDF with active conservation links here.

Contest for Kids, Young Adults and Adults

BEJournal at Earth Endeavours is a nature magazine sharing stunning wildlife conservation stories and photography. A huge thank you to Inga Yandell for the opportunity to create for their International #WritingforNature Short Story Contest! This contest is for children, young adult and adult creators to share their stories and participate in supporting a conservation project of their choice. Turn your sketch into a short story and submit it between now and December 2, 2020 for a chance to win prizes, mentoring, and featuring in the journal. See the contest rules here. Submit your story here.

Share your story with our team at Concepts at any time for an opportunity to feature your work! Email us at or share it on social @conceptsapp with the tags #conceptsapp and #howtosavetheearthwithasketch and we'll be in touch.

Good luck with your projects and thanks for your participation!

Written and illustrated by Erica Christensen with Concepts App and Google Slides.


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