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Subscription Isn't For Everybody

More about our view on subscriptions.

You might have noticed a new option in our Concepts store. There are the usual a-la-carte picks, the vector object libraries, and the powerful Pro Pack, but we’ve added one more option that starts with an ’S’. While it isn’t technically a bad word, we recognize that to some people subscription tastes, well, distasteful. We understand this. A lot, actually, because we believe that creativity is for everyone.

Before you panic that the app as you know it is going to end, that features will be downgraded and you’ll pay more for less (like other apps we’ve seen spiral downward), and that we’re a corporate bunch who want to force creatives into situations they would never create for themselves…

…may we assure you that these things will not happen with Concepts.

Our whole point in creating Concepts was to give more creative people more options. We’ve thought really hard about how to continue fleshing out our zillion-feature wishlist while remaining true to our open roots. So we aren’t taking anything away, we’re adding to the existing structure. We aren’t reducing our services or upgrades, you’ll still enjoy beautiful features added to the app no matter which option you choose. Free, Pro and Subscription will each upgrade as we develop, as we’ve done for the past five years. We understand that some people only need some features, while others need others — you will always be able to choose what fits your lifestyle, and whichever features you choose will always be supported.

Here’s how the Concepts features continue to work, the bonuses we’re offering for subscribers, and even a few of our planned upgrades.

Solid Sketching for Solid Creativity

We feel like everyone deserves a solid sketching app whether they can buy one or not. Enjoy all of our tools, responsive feel, colors, customizable layout, infinite canvas and basic exports. About 85% of our users are free. We love you guys.

With Concepts 5, we’re giving everyone a brand new interface, our new vector Color Picker, color mixing, customizable color palettes, and a free account for syncing your images, colors and text across devices, so you always have what you need. We’re really excited about these additions and improvements to your creative toolkit.

Professional, Powerful Design Tools

Upgrade to the Essentials. We created this toolset especially for professionals, and is the same Pro Pack we’ve traditionally offered. You get a long list of features, including our powerful ability to select, move and adjust your vectors, the Basic Shapes object library for fast-and-furious design, plus most of our high-res and vector exports. It’s a really beautiful package.

With Concepts, all the free updates are yours, plus awesome additions to Selection and Adjustment. More versatile than ever, you can toggle between Item Picker, Lasso and Color Picker as a quick-and-dirty Pro shortcut, add / substract strokes to your selection, and enjoy the improved Selection options at your fingertips.

Pick Your Favorite Features

Pick what you need from the A-la-carte bar. You might decide you need PDF Import / Export or an additional object library or two to help your work along. Feel free to choose just what helps your work along.

Our PDF editor is a deep feature requested by our deeper pros. Tons of functionality including crystal clear readability no matter how far you zoom, the ability to make mark ups, and to create transparent or standard exports in vector or high-res flattened formats. We didn’t include it with the Pro Pack so cost could stay low for the majority of our users.

Also, for iOS, Make Your Own Objects (MYOO) is admittedly addictive for storing your hand-crafted objects, so you can add a quick, unique touch to your projects. And our royalty-free, customizable vector Object Packs are a win for making your design-work efficient yet elegant. Discounts for 3, 5 and 10 packs give you more choice and flexibility.

Subscription Gives You Everything Plus Sharing

Our newest option gives you everything at once, going forward. This includes every export, every feature, every library.

The extra bonus here is the powerful new sharing capability that makes syncing and working with others as simple as doing things yourself. Securely share your personal libraries and color palettes between teammates and colleagues (or anyone, for that matter), and look forward to future open libraries like sharable custom brushes and Google fonts. Subscribing opens up the ultimate in design capabilities both for you and for us — you get great tools, and we get to keep building them.

Thanks for all the support, guys. You make a world of difference to us. In fact, you are our entire world. We appreciate you.

The Concepts Team


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