Concepts is an infinite, flexible creative tool for all your good ideas. Available on iOS, Windows and Android.

How We Develop Concepts

Why we develop Concepts the way we do.

1. The goal.

Studies show that when you create, you increase your personal well-being. And when you're feeling positive, you tend to solve problems better, engage with others around you and inspire them. We built Concepts as a creative tool to help you tune into your ideas a little easier, design them a little simpler, and share them with others.

Concepts is a simple, flexible and powerful creative tool. Its infinite canvas, realistic brushes, customizable tools and editable vector strokes are thoughtfully designed to allow ideators, visual thinkers and designers to more easily interact with their ideas and turn them into reality.

Every feature is tested by our development team and a host of creators who give their time to help us understand the ins and outs of a design experience, and share what they would like to see in Concepts. Our goal is to give our users an immersive creative tool that stretches and flows along with needs and inspirations.

2. We are customer-oriented and feedback driven.

Your creativity is at the center of our product, and your feedback directly influences how we develop the app. When you reach out and talk with us, your ideas get placed onto our radar and wishlist. With each design cycle, we consider your feedback, what the most pressing needs are, and how to incorporate them into the tool's workflows. We are delighted to plan them in. They make the creative experience better.

To talk with our team:

  1. Seeing your creative work makes our day. Tag us @conceptsapp or #conceptsapp on social and we'll appreciate your achievements. You can also share your creative story at Thanks!
  2. To send us questions or feedback, head in-app to Help > Ask Us Anything or email us at We'll be happy to chat.


3. We develop thoughtfully and test thoroughly.

We like to design with research under our belts, and test thoroughly. For each new feature, we research options, talk with professionals, plan a relevant new design, develop the tool, test it with our users, update and then test again. We do this over and over until the feedback is positive.

We also test our product across platforms and devices. These are always evolving, so it's important we stay on top of the newest technology and software updates. This keeps us at the cutting edge of what is available, which in turn allows you to discover new workflows at the edge of what is possible.

In addition, workflows, software and hardware are different across platforms (e.g. iOS, Windows, Android). We customize our development to the platform so creators can use a well-evolved tool that fits into their key workflows.

Sometimes it feels like we develop slowly in relation to feedback requests. We are constantly releasing updates and fixes in tune with our rapid release cycle, but when it comes to major features, some challenges are just bigger than others. It can take more research and hours to develop a solid solution.

Some features can be released in a single update (like the perspective grids), while others have to be planned, developed, and released in stages. For example, we have been working on iCloud Sync for nearly two years for iOS. It is more complex than we imagined and it's taken changes in many areas to enable. For these larger goals, we roll out upgrades in stages.

Finally, if a release doesn't work solidly, we don't release it. We do not guarantee our release dates. We work with quality at the center of our experience, and we would rather build the tool well than deliver something unusable.

We hope you appreciate our attention to detail and that we are working with a quality creative experience in mind. If there is a feature we're missing that you would like to recommend, please tap Help > Ask Us Anything in-app and let us know. Your experiences matter, so we appreciate when you share your insights along with your request.

We are always looking for beta testers for upcoming features on Concepts for iOS, Concepts for Windows and Concepts for Android.


4. We are looking toward the future.

Our ultimate goal is to create an infinite cross-platform creation experience. This means you will be able to design on any platform at any time, and share your work seamlessly across devices, accounts, with team members and other software. To this end, we are currently continuing to bring our iOS, Windows and Android versions together. Please check our roadmap to see what is coming next for Concepts for iOS, Concepts for Windows and Concepts for Android.

Thank you for your support. We wouldn't be here without you.

The Concepts Team

Hero banner: Ideation sketches for Concepts UI by Concepts Founder Ben Merrill.
Cover image: Concepts Founder Ben Merrill designing UI elements with cake.
Design sketches and photos by Concepts designers Lasse Pekkala and Santtu Kouvonen.


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