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Sketching Inspirations of 2022

Concepts Community Highlights 2022

Thank you for sharing your incredible work with us this year. We are humbled and inspired by the insights and experiences you've shared with us through your wonderful conversations and posts. We're grateful to be part of your creative journey.

The following work was extremely well received this year in our community, and we wanted to reshare with many thanks to the creators who made them. Very best wishes from 2022!

The Concepts Team

A stunning #pavilionforall design competition proposal by NineTen Architects, a team of architects and creative thinkers specializing in residential, commercial and community-focused architecture. Appreciate their project details here and discover their work here.

Architect and illustrator Villius T. F. Visgaudis creates mind-bending narrative scenes with details real and surreal. Visgaudis achieves these masterful illustrations through a four-part process of thumbnail sketches, roughs, detailing, and colour/shadow. Follow their work here.

Architectural Designer Jonny Gallardo creates a stacking school chair design for furniture manufacturer Serrano S.A. Enjoy the manufacturing of the chair in this video.

A design plan starts with a sketch that communicates your vision. Architect Jesús Noriega León is founder of Nogarq, an architectural firm specializing in retail, residential and real estate projects.

Colorado-based landscape designer Adam Vassau creates harmonious outdoor spaces, combining greenery and structure to build open yet private spaces where his clients feel they can really live. Check out more of Adam's work and connect @outdoorchillzones.

Jessika Wendel is an Architectural Designer and creator of @visualisieren.koennen.alle. She teaches sketching techniques to help bring your ideas into the real world. "Learn to observe your surroundings properly and to look at what surrounds you! Only then will you be able to implement your ideas perfectly in drawing. And never forget: you can learn to draw, because everyone can visualize!"

We enjoyed this beautifully rendered sketch by Architectural Designer Joel Wilson of the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright home "Fallingwater", drawn in Concepts. Wilson models home designs and buildings with an eye for texture and detail.

Spect Design is an innovative product design company based in Japan. In this video, Spect Design transforms simple shapes into impressive industrial pieces. By playing with different shapes, proportions and details, the designer can create endless possibilities for furniture design.

A stunning artwork by Artist Ryan Steiskal on the cover of literary publication, The Vanishing Point. Check out the video replay of his creative process, and his profile for more illustration inspiration.

Indi Maverick creates impressive illustrations inspired by the natural world. Working digitally, she has developed a unique style that is immediately recognizable. Her illustrations are characterized by vibrant colors and beautiful linework, fusing a timeless botanical illustrative style with a modern and cool aesthetic. Between her aesthetic and color choices, she is able to achieve a sense of balance and unity in her work.


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