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Concepts 2022.4 for Windows

April 2022 Release

An updated interface, Snap features and Interior Design brushes in Concepts 2022.4 for Windows.

Concepts 2022.4 for Windows has a beautiful new canvas UI, Fullscreen mode, Snap While Editing and Stroke Auto-complete features, and a practical new Interior Design brush library by Interior Architect Jessika Wendel.

The details:

  • Appreciate a new floating UI at the top of your canvas and Gallery. Less status bar, more canvas space, and the elements fade out of the way while you draw.
  • Maximize your creative space with a new Fullscreen mode. Tap the icon in the title bar, or use keyboard shortcuts Alt+Enter or F11 to toggle.
  • Snap While Editing connects your Selections and Shape Guide handles to the grid via corner or center point. Activate Snap, choose the Grid preset from the Snap options, then Select your sketch or Guide and snap them along the grid.
  • Stroke Auto-complete shows you nearby Snap intersections, and connects your lines as you sketch. Activate Snap, choose Auto-complete from the Snap While Drawing options, and draw quick, clean line work.
  • Add immediate texture to your floor plans and interior designs with a new Tiling Patterns brush library created by Interior Architect Jessika Wendel. Find them in the Brush Market in-app and learn more about how to use them here.

Our Precision updates are nearly final! If you'd like to see what's coming next, we have a newly updated Roadmap sharing our next milestones.

Thanks so much for your support! If you appreciate our progress, please leave us a great review in the Microsoft Store or send us your feedback. As always, you can tap Help > Ask Us Anything in the app to ask questions and chat with our team.

The Concepts Team


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