Concepts is an infinite, flexible creative tool for all your good ideas. Available on iOS, Windows and Android.

Concepts 2022.10 for Android

October 2022 Update

Enjoy new HSL and RGB color spectrums and a new logo with our 10 year Concepts milestone.

To celebrate our 10 year Concepts milestone, we're happy to share with you a beautifully designed set of HSL and RGB color spectrums in Concepts 2022.10 for Android. We hope they will enhance your creativity and help your ideas to shine.

  • Tap the color dot at the center of the tool wheel to open the color wheel, as usual.

  • Find new HSL and RGB buttons beside the Copic button at the center of the wheel. Tap to choose your spectrum.

  • As you adjust the sliders, you'll see both the color dot and the active tool button change to your new color.

  • With the HSL slider, remember to adjust your saturation and lightness levels when choosing new color values, or it might appear that your color choices aren't taking effect.

In addition, we wanted to capture the infinite sketching experience in a new logo. To us, an idea is the seed of every great accomplishment - it deserves nurturing and will grow with gentle nudges and encouragement. We hope you will discover a greater connection with your ideas in Concepts.

Thank you for your wonderful support. We are so excited to be bringing Concepts to Windows. Your insights have been critical to our success, and we are close to accomplishing our goal of bringing our full creative tool to Windows. Thanks for your excellent reviews in the Play Store.

Happy creating,

The Concepts Team


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