Concepts 2021.10 for Windows Release - Perspective Grids + Stylus Actions

October 2021 Update

Sketch with 1-, 2- and 3-point perspective grids and enjoy new stylus actions in Concepts 2021.10 for Windows.

Sketch products, buildings, elevations and urban landscapes in perspective with new 1-, 2- and 3-point perspective grids in Concepts 2021.10 for Windows. With our Align to Grid drawing guide, it's simple and quick to draw structures in correct perspective. 

  • Open the Precision Menu and tap the Grid options, or find the grids under Settings > Grid. Tap your grid, then activate it in the Precision menu.
  • Tap Edit Grid to customize your grid's line weight, color, density and opacity.
  • Activate the Grid Layer to move your horizon line and set up your vanishing points - just tap+drag the horizon line and vanishing points to move them. Also angle the horizon line with the rotation control.
  • Use Align to Grid to draw with the perspective guides, or use a pen at 100% smoothing to draw your own straight lines.
  • Try the Allow Turns setting in the Snap menu to turn while drawing with the grid guides.
  • From a previous release, remember you can now move the grid layer above your drawing or photos for easier reference with the grid.

In addition to the perspective grids, you can now customize your Surface Pen top button. In the Settings menu, set it to change tools or toggle UI elements to support your workflow.

This continues our string of Precision updates. Coming next are the Shape Guides! If you appreciate what we're doing, please leave us a great review in the Microsoft Store or send us your feedback. Thanks for all of your encouragement and support!

Below, we've shared some resources to help you start sketching with the perspective grids. Whether you're a beginner or pro, these tutorials will offer insights and exercises to help you master the basics of perspective sketching with both traditional and digital guides.

Perspective Grid Set Up

Learn how to set up and customize your perspective grids in Concepts with this simple set up guide, How to Set Up a Perspective Grid in Concepts.

Drawing with Perspective Grids

This exercise-filled tutorial, How to Sketch in Perspective, teaches you the basics of perspective drawing, how to sketch 3-dimensional structures and curves, and how to place people and images into alignment using Concepts' perspective grids and drawing guides.

Learn to Draw: Basics of Perspective

Learn the fundamentals of how to visualize in 1-point, 2-point and 3-point perspectives, and add 3-dimensional structure to your drawings with this video tutorial by Lasse Pekkala. Free downloadable course materials included, link in video description.


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Not an artist? Not a problem.

Drawing isn't just for artists, it's for everyone. Learn how to sketch and communicate visually with our free Learn to Draw Series by TopHatch designer Lasse Pekkala. Find downloadable course materials in the video descriptions and level up your sketching.

Find more sketching tutorials on our YouTube channel @conceptsapp.