Learn to Draw Series

This Learn to Draw series is perfect for anyone looking to improve the sharpest of all creative tools - visual thinking. The series is a great fit for beginners and doodlers and a helpful refresh for more seasoned sketchers.

We aim to get you into the habit of drawing. In this series, we'll introduce you to the fundamental techniques of visualization and visual communication, and help you start sketching your ideas confidently.

Did you know most people are visual thinkers? This means the only way you’re able to get an idea out of your head is to sketch it. But it’s not necessarily about being an artist, it’s about communicating your idea - to yourself, a teammate or friend - so you can take it to the next level.

In this series, designer Lasse Pekkala shares how to sketch your ideas with confidence. Learn how to approach your pencil and page, how to see and translate objects into shapes you can draw, how to convincingly align your sketch with your visual intelligence, and how to organize your thoughts into a sequence or storyline that communicates your vision clearly with others.

With each video are free downloadable materials to give you structure and references for your practicing. These are available as printable images, PDF and Concepts files for traditional and digital drawing.

Choose a video from below, or head to the Learn to Draw Playlist on YouTube.

Part 1: Getting Started

Drawing isn’t just for artists - it’s for everyone. In our first Learn to Draw video, Lasse Pekkala shares how to relax into your drawing process, how to connect your pencil with the page, and how warming up helps you to start sketching confidently.

Course materials.

Part 2: Proportions and Reference

People who sketch look at the world in certain ways. In this video, Lasse Pekkala shares how seeing in shapes and proportions can help you understand objects and draw them naturally.

Course materials.

Part 3: Basics of Perspective

In Part 3, learn how to visualize One Point, Two Point and Three Point Perspectives to add 3-dimensional reality to your drawings.

Course Materials.


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