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Sketching highlights by the Concepts creative community from 2023

The feedback and sketches you’ve shared throughout the year have been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration for our team, driving us to keep pushing the potential of what Concepts can do. 

Ideas are the energy that fuels the world. To celebrate that power of ideas, we've chosen some of our favorite sketches shared with us this year. These users honed their skills not just in using the app, but in expressing their ideas and having the courage to share them with the world. 


1. Daria @Daribodrawing

“I believe every designer benefits from having good sketching skills. While sketching is not necessarily being taught at school,  it’s possible to learn it by yourself and progress fast. I’m excited about Concepts because it’s merging digital and hand drawing. It’s opening so many possibilities for learning and designing.”

Daria is a landscape design student. She is sharing drawing tips and tutorials on her Instagram account @daribodrawing.


2. Troy Donavan @The_Donnies

Architectural Designer, Troy Donovan shares his impressive process and design that won Prism Facades curtain wall concept sketch.

Troy is a façade designer and educator who has worked in Australia, New Zealand, and New York.  He regularly presents on façade technologies and innovative building enclosure systems.

4. Wyatt Weaver

Wyatt’s behind-the-scenes sketches and the evolution process of Project Molecule. "The objective of this project is to design a series of modular components based around a standard IKEA lighting fixture. You can follow along and see where his developments landed here.

Wyatt is a mechanical design engineer in his professional life, although the aspiration to design and create innovative and intelligent solutions extends far beyond his professional work and projects. In late 2020 he fully committed to leveraging his skillset for applications outside his day job. He started by founding ATOM Engineering, a brand based around presenting his work to the world. With a mission to teach others about engineering, design, and coding by sharing the lessons and skills he’s learned over the years, through his unique projects and education. Since starting ATOM Engineering he found a passion for additive manufacturing and the ways it can help solve every day problems at a fraction of the cost all while being more sustainable than conventional manufacturing methods.  Since finding this passion, he has made it a point to help expose others to the wonders of additive manufacturing and show them the world of opportunities that lay within.



4. Michael Webb II @Landmello

Concept sketch overlay for a front yard improvement, created by talented landscape designer and consultant, Michael webb II. 

“While human scale perspectives are terrific for concept development, having a Birds Eye perspective could potentially help reduce your overall workflow when thinking through multiple areas within the site!”

Michael Webb II is a landscape designer located in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas. He graduated with a master's degree in landscape architecture in 2020 and has been working in the industry since 2017.


5. Luis Furushio @lfdesign_bayarea

"Open floor plans have been the dominant trend of residential design. The goal is to integrate the social areas with dining and kitchen areas. Although they have a lot of advantages, there are a few reasons to think twice about them. What do you think about open kitchen designs?" - Luis Furushio

Luis Furushio is a Peruvian architect living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. He specializes in residential design working on projects from the early stages of the conceptual design including the building permit process and construction administration.


6. Marek Badzynski @Marekbad64 

"I get a kick out of doing images that no one believes are vectors! Great tool, works fine in transit - I use it on bus, train, and lately on an aeroplane!"

Marek Badzynski is an architect who likes to sketch urban landscapes; he uses both traditional & digital tools to make records of places he’s been to, and of locations that only exist in his imagination. He uses the free version of Concepts to doodle while commuting on the subway, letting his hand and pen loose over the bumpy train ride. His favourite analogue tool is a fountain pen with a Fude nib, and its closest digital equivalent: the Marker brush tool in Concepts. His most used gesture while sketching on the subway is the two-finger Undo.. but that’s all because of the bumpy ride, of course! :)


7. Helmut Barroso @barroso_design

A relaxing digital sketch session of a Lobby Chair ES 105 Vitra by Helmut Barroso

Helmut is an industrial designer living in Marbella. He also founded Barroso Studio, where he creates photography and video content and designs and develops products for brands.


8. Jun @__________mxj

This impressive work by Jun is an excellent example of what you can accomplish using the power of the infinite canvas for planning your projects.

Jun lives in Japan and works as a designer at a company that produces billboards and other signage around town. He uses concepts to renovate a condominium he purchased and plans to use it for his car hobby.


9. Bhupesh Malviya @07sketches / 

 I am Bhupeshkumar, the Founder of 07sketches. Since 2015, my dedicated mission has revolved around the production of architecture and design-related content, disseminated both online and through my website. Embracing the evolution of technology, I acquired an iPad and promptly integrated Concepts app into my workflow. This transformative tool has proven invaluable in my content creation journey, offering limitless supplies and eliminating concerns about traditional paper and pens. The Concepts app boasts an all-encompassing suite of tools, catering precisely to the needs of a content creator like myself.

In a more recent development, I have ventured into the creation of short-form videos lasting 30-40 seconds, focusing on architecture and design. Setting up my phone on a tripod, I record the creative process facilitated by the Concepts app. The synergy between the app and my artistic endeavors has resulted in videos garnering millions of views. Audiences appreciate the seamless integration of Concepts app into my workflow, witnessing how it enhances my ability to deliver engaging, informative content in a digestible format.

10. Luisa Lubie

Luisa shows off the various stages of ideation that go into creating an adorable dog character.

We are truly grateful to everyone who chooses Concepts to think, sketch, plan, and grow. We hope that our creative community can inspire you to sketch your next great idea, just as they have inspired us.

Share your sketches and ideas with us on social and tag @conceptsapp – we can’t wait to see what you think up next year!

The Concepts Team

By Annelise Sandberg


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