Architectural Design Series

Welcome to Concepts App, the award winning design app for architects, designers and graphic artists. Create beautiful floor plans and elevations on your iPad or tablet with our infinite canvas, PDF import and export, precision tools and designer COPIC colors. In this architectural tutorial series, join Architect Osama Elfar as he explores topics like digitally rendering floor plans, interior and exterior designs, modeling in Axonometric view, and cross-app workflows.

Osama Elfar is a Partner at UNii Engineering Consultancy with offices in UAE, Qatar and Egypt. He is a recognized architect with award winning designs, with expertise spanning high rise, mixed use, residential, commercial and hospitality building areas. He teaches design courses, speaks at events, and shares design techniques for Concepts on YouTube and Instagram.

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Rendering a Floor Plan

Learn how to scale and render a floor plan in Concepts with Architect Osama Elfar.

Additional insights and video details.


From Floor Plan to Axonometric View

Take a floor plan PDF and create an Axonometric view.

Additional insights and video details.


Simple Digital Rendering Techniques

Learn how to quickly render an interior design using textures and objects with Architect Osama Elfar.

Additional insights and video details.


Exterior Architectural Visualization

Learn how to create an exterior architectural rendering in Concepts based on a 3D SketchUp model.

Additional insights and video details.


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