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Concepts comes as a free, solid sketching app when you download it from the Play Store. You can enjoy it this way for as long as you’d like. We feel like everyone deserves a solid sketching app whether they can buy one or not, so enjoy our basic tools, responsive feel, colors, customizable layout, infinite canvas and JPG export with this free package.

Die Grundlagen

Upgrade to the Essentials and become a Pro user. A one-time only purchase, it gives you the powerful ability to select, move and adjust your vectors. It also gives you, unlimited layers, unlimited imports and high-resolution PNG and SVG export. Other features like brush editing, object libraries and further export types will be added to this package soon.


Brush Market

In the Brush Market, we’ve crafted some beautiful brushes that add artistic elements to your drawings - brushes like pastels, chalk, paint and other dynamic pens and pencils. Purchase these brush packs straight from the Brush Market in the Brushes menu.


Our PDF editor is a deep feature requested by our professional users. Find tons of functionality including crystal clear readability no matter how far you zoom, the ability to make markups, and create transparent or standard exports in high-res.

Subscription Gives You Everything

Subscription gives you everything at once, going forward. This includes every feature, brush and export, including every ability that will be added as we develop Concepts for Android over the next year and beyond. Subscribing opens up the ultimate in design capabilities both for you and for us — you get great tools, and we get to keep building them.

Thanks for all the support. You make a world of difference to us - in fact, you are our entire world. We appreciate you.

Best of successes to you,

Das Concepts-Team bei TopHatch

Again, Help Doesn't End Here

While this manual has detailed information on specific features, we write and publish how-tos and interviews with industry experts almost weekly - check out our Help page in-app or Infinite, Flexible News for the latest. If you’re a visual learner, you might appreciate our video tutorials and workflow videos on YouTube. If you still can’t find what you’re after, find us on your favorite social channel, email us at, or tap Help > Ask Us Anything in app for some lovely, direct conversation.

Legal Stuff

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