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Articles & Tutorials

Follow along with these how-tos and learn something new from people who use Concepts in their everyday creative flow. There’s something for everyone, with new articles all the time.

Learn to Draw Part 2

In Part 2 of our Learn to Draw series, Lasse Pekkala shares how seeing in shapes and proportions can help you understand objects and sketch them confidently.


Learn to Draw Part 1

Drawing isn’t just for artists - it’s for everyone. In our new Learn to Draw series, designer Lasse Pekkala explores techniques to help you think visually and sketch confidently. Relax into drawing in Part 1: Getting Started.


Theatre Design Modeling with the iPad Pro

Peter McKintosh draws 160+ stunning scenic and costume designs for the theatre production of Funny Girl in Concepts.

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Oldies but Goodies

We’ve made dozens of tutorials, workflow demonstrations, and other videos for previous versions of Concepts - many of those concepts still apply in the current version. They’ll look a bit different, but they’re chock full of good drawing techniques that transcend time.

Watercolor TutorialEraser TutorialLayers Tutorial