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Designed to Make: Introducing Tipitos

A Concepts Tutorial with Marcelo Cominguez

Create your own fun papercraft characters by customizing templates in this tutorial with designer Marcelo Cominguez.

With Concepts, you can take your creativity to the max and make anything you can dream of. Design, Export, Create — that’s our goal, anyway.

Designer / Illustrator / Dad Marcelo Cominguez has done exactly that. He’s created these cute little characters he calls Tipitos, and has shared his templates and skin ideas so you can take your design time to a level of fun you probably haven’t had since Lego.

Say cheese, little Tipitos!

1. On your iPad/iPhone, download this template. (It’s free.) It’ll whisk you straight from our Gallery into your Concepts app.

2. Download these instructions. Same deal.

3. Give your Tipito some character and color! Do it in app, or print first then color. You don’t have to stay in the lines. Here are some examples of coloring layout by Marcelo.

Tip: Make a Layer beneath the template to color in, so you can see the lines for folding later.

Another Tip: If it makes it easier to see, select the template and change the line color and/or change the paper type, like in Marcelo’s Sackboy example. (Long live Little Big Planet :D.)

Enjoy making your favorite characters! Like Sackboy, or Eli Shane from Slugterra. Try a superhero, or make a dragon and add wings.

4. Export and Print. Select “Configured Size” and print from here if you have AirPrint enabled, or send it to your printer-enabled device.

Or, share your Tipito skins by tapping “Share Drawing Link”. This will copy your special drawing link to your clipboard, so you can paste it anywhere and share it with everyone!

5. Assemble them into their mini-sized, major personalities. Use scissors or a hobby knife and a gluestick.

6. Play! These guys have many exciting adventures planned. Where will your Tipitos go? Tag us with #conceptsapp and we’ll cheer them on!

Again, the template link. Big thanks to Marcelo for dreaming up these Tipitos!

If you have any questions about making your own Tipito or want to share your creations with us, email us at or find us @conceptsapp on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Tipitos designed by Marcelo Cominguez
Written by Erica Christensen


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