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Creativity is Transformative

A Personal Reflection by Artist Dave Peterson

Artist Dave Peterson reflects on transforming dark moments into beauty through art.

We’ve been awed by Dave Peterson’s work on Concepts since he began posting his designs and illustrations on Instagram. We’re privileged to have a glimpse into his creative mind and to display his incredible work.

Dave Peterson - My name is Dave. For over thirty years, I’ve used the suffering of myself and others to empower my creative being. A lot of my creative process is drawn from my personal life struggles and demons that I try to fight off inside myself, each and every day.


I think that every artist considers their creative process to be unique to themselves. Sure, we’ve learned things through class and through sharing techniques with those closest to us. But we all have something deeper that propels us to create. Music and pain are what push me to funnel that noise inside into some type of beauty others can relate to and bring them peace.

From the Pinnacle to the Pit

I know when I’m finally satisfied and ready to share something with the world, I can look upon that piece of art and be filled with a sense of quiet, relief, and fullness… and perhaps for just a moment, maybe joy. Even in our darkest moments, beauty can be found, created and shared.

Medicine Man

We all have “things” in life that we’re trying to get through, one day at a time.


If someone can find happiness or beauty from my pain, then as an artist I feel humbled and at peace with my work and myself.


I appreciate everyone who takes a second to look at my art. Remember that even though we may feel alone, we are not, and even though this world can be oh so cruel, it is also filled with so much beauty. We must all slow down, look up and take it in, before we and it is gone.

Night Watcher

Dave Peterson takes dark moments and transforms them into beauty via his art. Find more of his illustrations on Instagram.

Interview by Erica Christensen


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