Concepts 2022.2 for Windows - Advanced Transforms

February 2022 Release

Adjust your drawings with Advanced Transforms in Concepts 2022.2 for Windows.

Concepts 2022.2 for Windows gives you new control points that enable Advanced Transforms when working with your drawings. With simple gestures, you can distort, skew and warp your selections, making it a breeze to work with imported plans and images, add logos and objects to designs, and tweak your drawing proportions.

  • When you Select a part of your sketch, you'll see four new corner handles around the object. Tap one or two handles at a time to enable Advanced Transforms.
  • Tap one handle and drag it to Distort your selection.
  • Tap two handles and drag with one finger to Skew along one side.
  • Tap two handles and use two fingers to pinch / spread / pull and Warp your object.

Check out our illustrated tutorial Select and Edit Your Notes, Drawings and Designs to help you improve your Selection skills and learn how to use the Advanced Transforms. You can see them in action here on our Instagram.

If you'd like, you can tap through the new Interests list in-app in your Concepts account to help us better understand your needs - tap your Profile icon in the Gallery, swipe through the options and select your interests. If you'd like to delete your Concepts account, we now allow that via your Account profile. Be careful, this can't be undone.

Coming next in the Precision updates is Snap While Editing. You can already Snap live while drawing, but soon you'll be able to Snap with a selection. We appreciate all of your support as we release these updates for Windows!

If you're happy, please leave us a five star review and your feedback in the Microsoft Store, it genuinely helps our development. Thank you!

The Concepts Team



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