Concepts 2021.3 for Android - Performance Boost + Waterful Brushes

March 2021 Update

Concepts 2021.3 for Android boosts performance across devices and adds wet Waterful brushes by artist Matthew Baldwin.

Performance Boost

Critical to your creative flow, we have dived into performance and upgraded it across all Android devices. Slice is now smoother and drawing even more fluid.

The Waterful Brush Library

Artist Matthew Baldwin's delightful, splashy Waterful brushes are now available in app. Add wet textures and spatter to your sketches with this 36 brush set - just tap your active tool to head to the Brush Market.

A note for artists looking for the iOS watercolor brush - this is not the same as the Waterful brush library. That said, the Waterful brushes are a fantastic set with a ton of wet variety, we hope you love them.


We are making a ton of progress for our Android version under the hood which allows us to bring you all the great features of iOS... and beyond, as we are ultimately working toward a solid cross-platform sketching experience.

Next on our list is subscription sync across all platforms! If you also have a Windows or iOS subscription, we will be enabling accounts to host a single subscription across devices. Thank you for your support as we bring Concepts to all platforms.

We love to hear from you. Please send us your feedback via Ask Us Anything in the Help menu in app, and leave us a five star review so we can continue bringing you these updates. Your support makes a difference, thank you!

The Concepts Team

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