Do I Need to Pay to Use Concepts?

At Concepts, we believe creativity is for everyone. 

That’s why we offer our infinite canvas and basic toolkit for free. So you can start exploring your ideas visually and unlock their potential.

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Like you, we’re constantly iterating on our designs and striving to improve our creations.

We’ve worked hard to strike a balance between making our app accessible to everyone and offering paid features that allow you to work with even more versatility and enable us to keep building them.

Below you can read more about how our pricing structure works and the features and functionality you can enjoy with Concepts whether you choose to pay a little or nothing at all. Remember, you’ll never be required to pay to use our infinite canvas. Because we believe every idea deserves a chance to grow with Concepts.

Meet Your Creative Needs with the Right Plan

Whether you want to stick with the basics or enhance your workspace, we have plans to support you.

Here are details on our variety of free and paid packages designed to meet your unique needs:



Explore Your Creativity with Flexible Sketching

Did you know that about 93% of our users don’t pay anything?

That’s because we want you to enjoy the magnitude and quality of our infinite canvas free of charge. You’ll also experience all of our basic tools, a responsive hand-drawing feel, stunning colors with color picker tools, mixing and palettes (coming soon to Windows and Android),  customizable gesture controls, layout and more.

With our Basic plan, you get

  • An optional free account that syncs your preferences, palettes, brushes and more (platform dependant)

  • Endless sketching on our infinite canvas

  • A selection of paper, grid types and tools to get you started

  • The full COPIC color spectrum and RGB and HSL color wheels

  • Five layers

  • Unlimited drawings

  • JPG exports

  • Best-in-class stylus support for every platform

  • A fast and efficient sketching experience 


Create Professional Designs with the Essentials

Advance your designs with professional-level tools by upgrading to the Essentials.

Enjoy even more versatility and control with enhanced tools that allow you to select, move and adjust vectors with ease. Additional features, like access to our Basic Shapes Objects library* and high-res and vector export options, enable you to streamline and organize your workflow. Hello, high-speed ideating!

With our Essentials plan, you get

  • Selection and editing tools, including duplication, deletion and advanced transforms

  • Infinite layers

  • Our Basic Shapes object pack* 

  • Shape guides

  • Custom brushes 

  • Custom grids

  • PNG, PSD, SVG and DXF exports

  • All free version features

  • Regular updates

  • A dynamic workspace to elevate your creative output

*Note: one-time purchases only work on the platform of purchase. For example, if you purchase on iOS, you can use the purchase on any iOS device, but you cannot share it with Windows, Android or ChromeOS. If you would like to use Concepts across platforms, we offer subscription plans allowing you to unlock Concepts everywhere.

*Coming soon to Windows, Android and ChromeOS


Customize Your Toolkit with One-Time-Purchases

Need the odd premium tool but not ready to pay for a Subscription? 

No problem! 

You can augment your workspace by purchasing selected tools and features individually as a One-Time-Purchase. You’ll have the flexibility to unlock premium functions only as needed, keeping the cost of Essentials down while not requiring you to pay for any advanced features you don’t need.

For example, our PDF Workflows feature (only available in a Subscription or as a One-Time-Purchase) offers crystal-clear readability regardless of zoom for vector-based PDFs, the ability to markup and leave annotations, and multiple export options in vector or high-res flattened formats. For users working with teams or clients, it will change how you communicate and share ideas.

Or perhaps you’d like to turn your unique objects into stored vectors for a more efficient workflow. With the Make Your Own Objects (MYOO) add-on, you can save your hand-crafted designs for later use.

You can make a One-Time-Purchase to individually access

  • Professional brush packs

  • PDF Workflows, with vector and raster imports and exports

  • Various royalty-free object packs

  • A Make Your Own Objects (MYOO) function

Access Unlimited Creativity with a Subscription

Ready to take your ideas from concept to reality?
By subscribing, you gain everything, all at once, on every platform we support.
That includes every export, every feature and every library we’ll ever create.
But most notable is the additional sharing capabilities. Because we know that while your ideas may start in Concepts, your end goal is to share them with the world and make them a reality.

With a Subscription, you can securely share your personal libraries and color palettes* between teammates and colleagues (or anyone, for that matter) for endless experimentation, collaboration and feedback. 

Ultimately, your subscription invests in your creative design potential and our ability to advance the features we can offer to you and the entire Concepts design community. 

With a Subscription, you gain 

  • Over 200 features, brush packs and Object libraries

  • Use your subscription on any platform we support (iOS, Windows, Android & ChromeOS)

  • Team sharing for smooth collaboration, including live-sharing of Object libraries, color palettes and brushes*

  • Frequent updates to functionality and features

  • Complete control over your creativity

*Coming soon to Windows, Android and ChromeOS


If you work with a group, Concepts for Teams has you covered. 

With a monthly or yearly license, you and your team gain access to every library, service and feature in Concepts across every platform. And all our new features and updates are consistently yours.

Our team is always on hand with priority, real-live-human support to ensure you get the most out of your subscription. To get started, team managers can instantly provision licenses that unlock Concepts’ Everything subscriptions on any platform without complex installation procedures or setup. Just sign in and start creating.

Learn more about Teams and start your 30-day free trial


We believe every student and teacher deserves access to the best tools and resources available, including our powerful digital sketching app. That's why we offer free licenses to schools.

With Concepts, students can sharpen their creativity, engage in critical thinking and visualize complex concepts with ease.

We're committed to supporting education and empowering teachers to engage their students in a new and exciting way using visual thinking.

So don't let financial barriers limit your school's access to cutting-edge educational technology – contact us today to learn how we can work together to inspire the next generation of thinkers and creators!


Fuel Your Creativity with Concepts

As a creator, you shape the world with what you make.

All you need is the right creative toolkit and dynamic workspace to explore your ideas and realize their full potential.

We designed Concepts’ pricing structure so you can choose a plan that helps you to meet your goals. With Concepts Pro, you’ll have everything you need to fuel the evolution of your ideas.

Reach your full creative potential today!

How Does Pricing Work?

Pricing varies by region - you'll find the most accurate pricing through your favorite app store.


Infinite Sketchbook


An assortment of hand-crafted vector-hybrid brushes + tools, COPIC / HSL / RGB color wheels, five layers, our infinite canvas, infinite drawings, all of our paper + grid types, and basic JPG exports. At its best when paired with a stylus.

It’s the perfect digital sketchbook.


Available free in the App Store, the Play Store, and the Microsoft Store.


Infinite Flexibility


A monthly or yearly license gets you access to over 200 libraries, services and features in Concepts across iOS, Android, ChromeOS, and Windows, with new updates arriving all the time.

$4.99 / mo or $29.99 / yr 1

Start with a free 7-day trial in the App Store, the Play Store, or the Microsoft Store, or see the full feature list here.


Or buy the Essentials for life and unlock selection & editing tools, infinite layers, shape guides, custom brushes1, custom grids, and exports to PNG / PSD / SVG / DXF. Limited to the platform you purchase on. Brush packs, objects1 and PDF sold separately.

$1.99 - $24.99 ea 1

Pick it up now in the App Store, the Play Store, and the Microsoft Store.


Business & Organization Licensing


Unlock Concepts Pro for your entire team. Includes regular updates, priority support, self-service billing, re-assignable licenses, and support for multiple admins.

$10 / mo or $100 / yr per license 1

Deploy to users via direct download, BYOD, or managed distribution (e.g MDM) through the various app stores.

Learn More or Sign Up Now


Special considerations for large teams, including manual billing, security audits, special services, and personalized support.

Contact Us


Get free licenses for your entire school.

Free for qualifying institutions

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1 Pricing varies by region -- you’ll find the most accurate pricing through your favorite app store.