Concepts is an infinite, flexible creative tool for all your good ideas. Available on iOS, Windows, Android and ChromeOS.

Welcome to Concepts

Welcome to Concepts Part 1 - Welcome to your new, infinite sketchpad.

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I’m so glad you’re here. As a creator, your ideas are filled with potential, and if you’re like us, you like to imagine and explore those ideas, then turn them into something brilliant. We designed Concepts to help you think, sketch and share your ingenuity in the moment.

A few tips to help as you start exploring Concepts:

  • You’ll like the infinite canvas that lets you sketch ideas as far as they need to go. Zoom and pan with two fingers.

  • The ink seriously flows faster than you can think. Tap a tool on the wheel to use it, tap it again to find more brushes. Learn how to set up your brushes here.

  • Choose from the beautiful Copic color spectrum by tapping the color dot at the center of the wheel.

  • Sketching is explorative, so tap with two fingers to undo anything you change your mind on.

  • Want to customize your layout? Tap+hold the outer ring of the tool wheel or on any menu to drag it around the canvas. Great for lefties and righties.

  • And, of course, you can import images and PDFs, draw around or on top of them with easy-to-use layers, and export your idea to any app, portfolio or friend. Just tap the menus on your canvas to find them.

Start sketching with Concepts in five minutes with our Quick Start Tutorial on YouTube.

New to sketching? Drawing is for everyone, you don’t have to be an artist. Check out our free Learn to Draw Series on YouTube by designer Lasse Pekkala covering basic sketching techniques that can help you visualize and communicate your ideas.

Every day, designers, artists, note takers, and people who just like to scribble use the app to sketch their ideas.

“Seriously love this app. I use it all day for UX design. Infinite canvas is the killer part as it allows me to sprawl out ideas.”
- App Store review

“This app is amazing, great for prototyping ideas or creating amazing final presentations.” - learningtribe


Concepts is packed with great tools. In my next email, I’ll share how you can adjust elements of your sketch, since everything you draw is a flexible vector.

As you sketch, you’ll find helpful tutorials and answers to your questions by touching the question mark in-app. There’s also a link there for you to chat with our team directly, just tap Ask Us Anything. It’s our privilege, thanks for letting us join you on your creative journey.

Your friends,

Erica + the Concepts Team

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New to Concepts? Start your infinite sketching journey with these videos.

Concepts Quick Start (iOS, Windows, Android, ChromeOS) - Start sketching in 5 minutes on your device with Concepts.

Concepts for iOS Deep Dive - Learn how to navigate Concepts' infinite canvas and tools in this 15 minute tutorial.

Not an artist? Not a problem.

Drawing isn't just for artists, it's for everyone. Learn how to sketch and communicate visually with our free Learn to Draw Series by TopHatch designer Lasse Pekkala. Find downloadable course materials in the video descriptions and level up your sketching.

Find more sketching tutorials on our YouTube channel @conceptsapp.