Was ist Concepts?

Concepts is a next-generation design platform, completely re-imagined and built for mobile devices like the iPad Pro. Concepts enables faster, more natural design for creative people everywhere.

Used professionally, Concepts can accommodate around 80% of all design tasks between Art and Engineering, sometimes referred to as technical drawing or visual thinking. Simply put, Concepts is like pen+paper, only more flexible.

  • Architects use Concepts to go paperless.
  • Illustrators and Film Directors use Concepts for storyboarding.
  • Product Designers, Graphic Designers, Fashion Designers and Game Designers use Concepts to go from idea to prototype to finished product.
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Why is Concepts so special?

Here are three good reasons people switch to Concepts.

Natural Design

While math and vectors are key to manipulation in design, humans are better suited to interpreting artistic style and visual data. Traditionally separate mediums, Concepts combines the two by placing style in the foreground and math in the back. The result? A beautiful yet precise work of art.

Mobile First

Desktop design tools are 30+ years old, weighted by outdated technologies and high learning curves. Concepts is built from scratch just for your mobile device - the high-performance, low-power, touch-based interface that enables your natural lifestyle. It’s faster and easier to learn, too.

Built on Feedback

In true design form, Concepts began as a rough prototype and has grown iteratively, with new releases every month for the past five years. Features like the infinite canvas, Make-Your-Own-Objects, and powerful export options were all born inside the community. New features are on the way as we speak.

Verwendet von führenden Designern bei:

Who is TopHatch?

We are the company behind Concepts, the award-winning app for natural, mobile design. We recognize designers’ needs for more natural ways to create and communicate, so we’re building an intuitive, flexible and connected design platform. Operating from the creative epicenters of Silicon Valley and nordic design-driven Finland, we have team members in seven countries and are part of the 500 Startups family.


Apple Best of 2016, Apple Best of 2013, Tabby Awards Best Creative App

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